About Us

About Us

Outspoken startuppers.

We develop and create innovative solutions to enhance digitalization in the services' industry. Young, ambitious and fiercely Italian, we love our diversity and constant eager to stand out.

Closer to you, for a better life


Technology serving people.

Resilia Service is an innovative start up born in 2021, 100% made in Italy, hence with an international mindset. Diverse and digital oriented, we launched the very first mobile App for personal services and homecare support.

2020 permanently changed our mindset. We want to support end users in getting home based personal services to rapidly cope with emergencies, while being closer to people.


Digitalization of personal service, enhancing good economy.



Our aim is to develop a digital solution in order to help local service providers in augmenting their business, increasing quality homecare support to final consumers.




We Made It